Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 52

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 52 M1 LLICITAMPE.
him now. I don't feel like it, and so I know it can't be right.
It's a cold-blooded thing, and looks too much like murder;
and, God help me, it ain't come to that yet, for Jack Wither-
spoon to take it out of his enemy's hide without giving him
fair play for it. Let him go´┐Żlet him go. Ride on, Barsfield ;
the bullet's to be rim yet that bothers you."
And, thus muttering to himself, the woodman beheld his
victim pass by him in safety, his troop and wagons following.
IIe was about to turn away and seek his comrade in the wood,
when he saw his travelling acquaintance, Blonay, emerge
from the opposite quarter, and place himself before the British
officers. This Movement at once satisfied the doubts of Thumb-
screw as to the politics of the low-countryman.
As I thought," said be to' himself, the fellow's a skunk,
and a monstrous sly one. He knows how to badger, and can
beat the bush like a true scout. It's a God's pity that a fel-
low that ,has good qualities like that, shouldn't have soul
enough to be an honest man.' But no matter pay-day will
come for all ; and Truth will have to wait in the swamp till
Cunning can go help her out."
Thus moralizing, the woodman went back from his hiding-
place, and soon joined his now impatient companion.
Blonay, in the meanwhile, had made the acquaintance of
the British party. Confirmed by their uniform, he boldly ad-
vanced, and presented himself before the captain.
Who the devil are you ?" was the uncourteous salutation.
A grin and a bow, with a few mumbled words, was the sort
of reply manifested by the half-breed, who followed up this
overture by the presentation of the passport furnished by Proc-
tor. Barsfield read the scroll, and threw it back to him.
And so you are going our way, I see by your paper. It is
well--you will prefer, then, falling in with us, and taking our
protection ?"
Blonay bowed assent, and muttered his acknowledgments..
And, perhaps," continued the tory captain, as you are a
true friend to his majesty's cause, you will not object to a
drive into the swamps along with us after these men of Marion,
who are thought to be lurking about"here ?"