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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THE TORY SQUAD. 53
The half-breed gave his ready assurance of a perfect will-
ingness to do so.
Well said, my friend ; and now tell us, Mr. Blonay, what
have been your adventures upon the road ? What have you
seen deserving of attention since you came into this neighbor-
hood ?"
The person addressed ' did not fail to relate all the particu-
lars of his meeting, but a little before, with the woodman, as
the reader has already witnessed it. Barsfield listened with
some show of attention, and only interrupted the narrator tc
ask for a description of the stranger's person. This was given,
and had the effect of producing an expression of earnest thought
in the countenance of the listener.
"Very large, you say broad about the shoulders? And
you say he went into this wood ?""Off there, cappin, close on to them bays, and in them
bushes ?"
Barsfield looked over into the thick-set and seemingly
impervious forest, and saw at a glance how doubtful and
difficult would be the pursuit, in such a place, even were
the object important, of a single man. After a momentary
pause of action and speech, he gave orders suddenly to move
on in the path they were pursuing. Taking the direction of
his finger, Blonay fell behind, and was soon mingled in with
the party that followed.
You shall see, my fair neighbor," said the tory captain to
his companion, when the party resumed its progress, as if in
continuation of the previous discourse ; she is as beautiful and
young, Clayton, as she is pure and intellectual. She is the prize,
dearer and richer than all of my previous attainment, for
which I would freely sacrifice them all. You shall see her, and
swear to what I have said."
You will make her your own. soon, then, I imagine," said
the other, esteeming her so highly."
If I can´┐Żbe sure of it," responded Barsfield. I will
try devilish hard for it, I assure you; and it will be devilish
hard, indeed, if, with a fine plantation, and no little power
with a person which, though not superb, is at least passable"