Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THE PLOT THICKENS. 59
"And what of all this, now why do you repeat this to me
here ?" said the other, with no little imperiousness.
Why, you see, only to show you, Airnest, as a sort of ex-
cuse and apology for what I did in trying to keep you from
going after Barsfield �""Apology, Witherspoon !" exclaimed the other.
Yes, Airnest, apology that's the very word I makes use
of. I jist wanted to show you the reason why I tuk the lib-
erty of trying to 1-c,eep an old friend's son out of harm's way,
that's all. I promise you, Airnest, I won't make you angry
agin, though I don't see yet the harm of liking a body so much
as to do the best for 'em."
The woodman turned away as he spoke, lifted his rifle, and
seemed busy in rubbing the stock of it with the sleeve of his
hunting-shirt. The youth seemed touched by this simple ex-
hortation. Without a word he approached his unsophisticated
companion, whose face was turned from him, and placing his
hand affectionately, with a gentle pressure, upon his shoulder,
thus addressed him :
Forgive me, Jack�I was wrong. Forgive me, and forget
it. I am rash, foolish, obstinate it's my fault, I know, to be
so, and I try to control my disposition, always, when. I'm with
you. You know I would'nt hurt your feelings for the world.
I know you love me, Jack, as if I were your own brother ; and
believe me, my old friend my father's friend believe me,
I love you fully as much. Say, now, that you forgive me
do say !"
Pang my eyes ! Airnest, but, by the powers! you put it
to me too hard sometimes. Jist when I'm doing the best, or
trying to do the best, you plump head over heels into my teeth,
and I'm forced to swallow my own doings. It a'n't right�it
a'n't kind of you, Airnest ; and, clang it, boy, I don't see why
I should keep trying to do for you, to git no thanks, and little
better than curses for it. I'm sure I gits nothing by sticking
to you through thick and thin."
Half relenting, and prefacing his yielding mood only by this
outward coating of obduracy, the woodman thus received the
overtures of his companion, who was as ready to melt with