Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 60 MELLICIIAMPE.
generous emotion as he was to seek for strife under a fierce
and impetuous one. The youth half turned away as the latter
reply met his ears, and, removing his hand from the shoulder
where it had rested, with a freezing tone and proud manner,
he replied, while appearing to withdraw
It is indeed time, Mr. Witherspoon, that company should
part, when one reproaches the other with his poverty. You
certainly have said truly, that you have nothing to gain by
clinging to me and mine."
Oh, Airnest, boy but that's too much," he cried, leaping
round and seizing the youth's hands, while he pressed his
eyes, now freely suffused, down upon them. I didn't mean
that, Airnest, I'm all over foolish to-day, and done nothing but
harm. It was so from morning's first jump ; I've been fooling
and blundering like a squalling hen in an old woman's cup-
board. Push me on one side, I'm sure to plump clear to the
other end, break all the cups and dishes, and fly in the old
wife's face, before I can git out. It's your turn to forgive me,
Airnest, and don't say that we must cut each other. God help
me, Airnest, if I was to dream of sich a thing, I'm sure your
father's sperrit. would haunt me, with his white hair sticking
all fast with blood, and´┐Ż"" No more, Jack, old fellow, let us talk no more of that, but
sit down here, and say what we are to do now about that rep-
tile, Barsfield."
Bless you, Airnest, what can we do till the ' fox' whistles ?
We'll have news for him to-morrow, and must only see where
Barsfield goes to-night, and lam what we can of what lie's
going to do. I suspect that them wagons have got a plenty
of guns and bagnets, shot and powder for the tories ; and if so,
there'll be a gathering of them mighty soon in this neighbor-
hood. We shall see some of the boys to-morrow--Humphries
and ' Roaring Dick' ride on this range, and we may hear their
whistle in the ' Bear Brake' before morning."" We must meet them there, then, one or other of us certainly.
In the meantime, as you say, we must trail this .Barsfield
closely, and look where he sleeps, since you will not let me
shoot him,"