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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription JANET BERKELEY. (3
acter. His pride grew lifted in the contemplation ; and, timid
and tame, and without a manly spirit, as he was, he felt that
he could willingly die to serve and to preserve her.
" She is indeed a jewel, Barsfield !" said Clayton, in a whis-
per, aside to his superior ; she is a jewel you are a lucky
A goddess !" was the quick reply, in similar tones a
goddess ! she will make Kaddipah a very heaven in my
Let it be a Christian heaven, then, I pray you, by dropping
that abominable- heathen name."
The other maiden, whom we have seen introduced as Miss
Duncan, was an orphan, a niece of Mr. Berkeley, and for the
present, residing with her cousin. She was pretty, and her
eyes danced with a lively play of light, that spoke a gay
heart and cloudless disposition. Perhaps, at the first glance,
she would have been found more imposing than Janet ; there
was more to strike the eye in her features and deportment, as
there was more inequality--more that was irregular none
of that perfect symmetry, which so harmonizes with the ob-
server's glance and spirit, as not often to arrest, at first, his
particular attention. A study of her face, however, would
soon disenthral, though it would not offend, the observer. It
wanted depth � profundity character. At a glance you
beheld its resources. There was nothing more to see; and
you would turn away to her more quiet companion, and find at
every look, in every passing shade of expression, every tran-
sition of mood, that there was more hidden than revealed
that the casket was rich within that there was a treasure and
a mystery, though it might demand a power of the purest and
the highest to unlock its spells, and to remove the sacred seal
that was upon it.
A few moments had elapsed after the entrance of the ladies,
when a servant announced the supper to be in readiness, after
the wholesome fashion of the country. A table was spread in
an adjoining apartment, and now awaited the guests. Barsfield
would have offered his arm to Janet, but she had already pos-
sessed herself of her father's. Lieutenant Clayton had already