Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 83

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription OWLS ABROAD. 83
Ah, Witherspoon," said the other, who proved to be Hum-
phries, is that you ?"
A piece of me -- I ain't altogether myself, seeing that I
ain't in a good humor quite."" Well, stir up, for you're wanted. The boys have work on
hand, and the c fox' has got news of a tory gathering, so he's
gone to drinking vinegar, and. that's sign enough to show us
that we must have a brush. Major Singleton has ordered in
our squad, and looks out for a squall. So there's news for
I reckon I've got quite as much, Humphries, to give you
back for it in return. What would you say, now, if I tell you
that Barsfield is here, within five hundred yards of us, with a
smart company of red jackets, and two big wagons of baggage ?""No I"
But I say yes!" and the scout then proceeded to inform
his comrade of those matters in reference to Barsfield's arrival
at Piney Grove with which the reader has already been made
Humphries listened attentively, then exclaimed
" I see it, Tliumby ; Barsfield is to meet these same tories,
and probably take the lead of them. We.heard from a boy
that they were to gather, but he could not say who was to com-
mand 'em ; and the general thought he could dash in among
'em before they could get arms and ammunition for a start.
He'll have more work now than he thought for."
Well, and where are you bent now, Humphries? a'n't you
going back with this news, I tell you ?"
Yes, to be sure ; but you must go in yourself at once. I
am pushing on for Davis, and Baxter, and little Gwinn : they
are all out on your line. We want all the muzzles we can
muster. Where's Mister Mellichampe ?"
The scout answered this question gloomily, as lie told of the
adventurous movement of the youth in visiting the "Piney
Grove" while it was in the possession of the enemy, and of his
own urgent entreaties to prevent it.
It's an ugly risk lie's taking," said Humphries ; " but what
can you do �you can't help it now '?"