Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 92

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription MELLIUHAMPE. vL
A happy corner, young heart,
Love's earliest bird
May now be heard,
With voice of summer, young heart
Love on � love on.

Around thee springing, young heart, Bird, leaf, and flower,
That fill thy bower,
Are ever singing, young heart�Love on�love on.
While the song of Rose was yet trilling in their ears, a faint
but distinct whistle penetrated the apartment. The quick and
jealous sense of Barsfield was the very first to hear it ; and,
from the corner where he sat crouching, the long neck of Blo-
nay might have been seen suddenly thrust out, as his head
leaned forward to listen. The eye of the tory captain invol-
untarily turned Upon the face of Janet Berkeley : a deeper
paleness had overshadowed it; and, thougli she did not, and
dared not, look in the direction of her observer, she well knew
that his gaze was fastened upon her, and this knowledge in-
creased her confusion. The suspicions of Barsfield, always
active, were doubly aroused at the present moment, though,
with the policy of a practised soldier, he yet took especial care
to conceal them.
It was curious to look on the half-breed all the while. The
instinct of the scout had awakened into a degree of conscious-
ness with that whistle, which all the sweet music of Rose Dun-
',an, to which he had been listening, could never have pro-
voked. His thought was already in the woods ; and, like some
keen hound, his mood began to grow impatient of restraint, and
to hunger after the close chase and the bloody fray. The eye
of Barsfield, turning from the face of the maiden, was fixed
upon him ; and, with his habitual caution, Blonay, as he saw
himself observed, drew in his head, which now rested with his
usual listnessness upon his shoulder, while he seemed to lapse
away into his accustomed stupor.