Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter X: Thunder in a Clear Sky >> Page 93

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Page 93

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THUNDER IN A CLEAR SKY. 93,
The signal, if such it were, was again repeated, and closer
at hand. A faint smile curled the lips of the tory captain, and
his glance again settled upon the face of Janet. She strove
to encounter that glance of inquisitive insolence, but her heart
was too full of its fears. She could not her eye sank away
from the encounter, and the suspicions of the tory were con-
There's a signal for somebody," was his careless remark.
"A signal !" exclaimed Clayton and Rose, in the same
A signal !" said Mr. Berkeley, in alarm.
Yes, a signal and the signal of one of Marion's men,"
was the reply of Barsfield. He has strayed this time into
the wrong grounds, and will be laid by his heels if he heed
not his footsteps."
The hands of Janet were clasped involuntarily, and a prayer-
ful thought was rapidly springing in her mind, while her heart
beat thick with its apprehensions.
Why do you think it a signal of Marion's men, captain ?"
was the inquiry of Clayton; may it not be the whistle of
some idler among our own ?"
No ; be might .run some risk of a bullet if that were the
case. Our loyalists know these sounds too well not to prick
their ears when they hear them. That whistle is peculiar, and
not so easily imitated. There you hear it again ! The
enemy is daring, if he be an enemy; if a friend, he is not
less so."" It may be one of the negroes," was the timidly-expressed
suggestion of Mr. Berkeley.
Miss Berkeley will scarcely concur with you in that con-
jecture," was the sarcastic response of Barsfield, while his eye
scrutinized closely and annoyingly the rapidly-changing color
upon her cheeks. As he gazed, her emotion grew almost in-
supportable, and her anxiety became so intense as to be per-
ceptible to all. Her eyes seemed not to regard the company.,
but were fixed and wild in their frozen stare upon a distant
window of the apartment. That glance, so immoveable and
so full of earnest terror, proved a guide to that of the tory.