Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 94

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 94 MELLICHAMPE.
He read, in its intensity of gaze, a further solution of the mys-
tery ; and, turning suddenly in the same direction, the secret
was revealed. The distant but distinct and well-known fea-
tures of Ernest Mellichampe were clearly seen through the
pane, looking in over the head of Blonay, from the piazza to
which he had ascended. The movement of Barsfield was in-
stantaneous. With a fierce oath he dashed from his seat, and,
seizing his sabre, which lay upon a neighboring table, rushed
toward the entrance. The movement of Janet Berkeley was
not less sudden. She darted with a wild cry, something be-
tween a shriek and a prayer, and stood directly in his path-
way�her eye still fixed upon the window where her lover
stood �her heart still pleading for his safety �her arm uplifted
for his defence.
Let me pass, Miss Berkeley !" were the hurried words and
stern demand of the tory.
Never never I will perish first !" she exclaimed, inco-
herently and unconsciously, in reply.
He extended his arm to put her aside, and by this time the
whole party had arisen from their seats, wondering at what
they saw, for they were ignorant of the knowledge possessed
by the tory. The father of the maiden would have interposed,
and Rose Duncan, surprised and terrified, also came forward ;
but Janet Berkeley heeded them not. Furious at the inter-
ruption, Barsfield cried out to Clayton to pursue.
The rebel Mellichampe !" was his cry ; he is in the pi-
azza now; he was but this instant at the window. Pursue
him with all the men cut him to pieces give him no quar-
ter�fly !"
The form of Janet filled the doorway : her arms were ex-
"Mercy!" she cried ; "mercy, mercy ! Fly not pursue
him not : he is gone he is beyond your reach. Mercy
have mercy !"
They put her aside, and Barsfield hurried through the door.
She caught his arm with a nervous grasp, and clung to him in
the fervor of a desperation growing out of her accumulating
terrors. He broke furiously away from her hold, and she sank,