Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 100

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 100 MELLICHAMPE.
Gor A'mighty, Mass Cappin, you no guine kill a poor nigger
da's doing nothing at all I"
Barsfield recoiled in astonishment, only to advance upon the
crouching black with redoubled fury ; and he might have used
the uplifted weapon simply from the chagrin and disappoint-
ment, but that a stronger motive restrained him. With the
strength and rage of a giant, lie hurled the negro back to the
ground whence he had now half risen, and fiercely demand-
e,d of him why he had fled from the pursuit.
Ki ! Mass Cappin, you ax a nigger wha' for he run, when
you fuss run at 'em wid you' big sword, and want to chop 'em
wid it. Da's 'nough to make a nigger run, I 'speck. No nig-
ger nebber guine 'tand for dat."" Scoundrel! do not trifle with me," was the fierce reply.
You have seen young Mellichampe."
Who dat Mass Arnest ? No see 'em to-night Mass Cap-
pin."" Scoundrel ! you are lying now. I know it. You have hid-
den him away. Lead us to the spot, or put us upon his track
so that we find him, or, by the Eternal! I swing you up to
these branches."
The negro solemnly declared his ignorance, but this did not
satisfy the tory.
Disperse your men over the grounds the park the gar-
den on all sides. The rebel must be hereabouts still. He
can not have gone far. Leave me but a couple of stout fellows
to manage this slave."
Clayton was about to go, when the words of Barsfield, ut-
tered in a low, freezing zone of determination, reached his ear.
And, hear you, Clayton no quarter to the spy hew him
down without a word."
The lieutenant departed, leaving the two men whom his
superior had required. One of those, in obedience to the com-
mand of Barsfield, produced a stout cord, which was conve-
niently at hand, from his pocket.
Wha' you guine do now, Mass Cappin ?" cried the negro,
beginning to be somewhat alarmed at the cold-blooded sort of
preparation which the soldier was making.