Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 116 MELLICHAMPE.
Some other man some single-hearted friend must avenge
and rid me of my enemy. Will you be That man ?"
Well, now, cappin, I should like to know more about this
business ; and the man � I should like to hear his name."
Mellichampe Ernest Mellichampe, the son of Colonel
Max Mellichampe, killed at Monk's corner in January last."
Why, I don't know the man, cappin. I never seed him,
and shouldn't be able to make him out, even if I stumbled
over him crossing a log."
That is no difficulty. I will give you marks and signs by
which you can not fail to know him under any circumstances.
You' saw his face to-night. He came here to see and that
is another reason for my hatred �he came here to see, not our
troop, nor our disposition, nor with any reference to our war-
fare, but simply to see the young lady of the house."
What, the gal in black her that looks so grand and so
sweet ?" inquired Blonay, with some earnestness.
The taller the dark-eyed one the daughter of the old
man, Mr. Berkeley."
And you reckon there's love atween them ?" curiously in-
quired the half-breed.
Ay, such love. as I would not have between them," bitterly
responded the other. "I know that Mellichampe has long
loved her, and I fear that she requites him in kind. This is
another reason why I should hate him for I too but why
should I tell you this ? It is enough that I hate, and that I
would destroy him. Here, Blonay, take this�it is gold
good British gold; and I give it as an earnest of what you
shall have if you will bring me the ears of my enemy; Take
the swamp after him hunt him by day and by night; and
when you can come and show me, to my satisfaction, that he
troubles me no more, you shall have the sum doubled thrice.
Say that you will serve me."
He put five guineas into the hand of the unreluctant half-
breed, who at once deposited them from sight in a pocket of
his garment ; and yet, though he secured the money, Blonay
paused before giving his answer.
Why do you hesitate ?" demanded the tory.