Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 131 MELLICHAMPE.
go, onless you promise not to use your knife. The fellow de-
sarves the knife, I reckon ; but, you see lie's a prisoner, and
can't do nothing for himself. It ain't the business of a sod-
ger and a decent man to hurt a eiitter that can't fend off."
A reptile �a viper, who will sting your heel the moment
you. take it from his head !"
Maybe ; but he's my prisoner, Airnest."
Why, what can you do with him ?--you can't carry him
with you ?"
No, Airnest ; but that's no reason that I should kill him."" What will you do with him ?" inquired the youth.
" Leave him here �jist where he is, on the flat of his back,
and mighty oncomfortable."
Indeed ! to pursue us, and by his cries, direct his hounds
upon our heels? Let him rise, rather�give him his sword,.
and let him fight it out with me in the neighboring wood."" Not so fast, Ail-nest�that'll be a scheme that would only
hobble both of us, and I'm not going to risk any such contri-
vance. I have a much better notion than that, if you'll only
hear to reason ; and all I axes of you is, jist to keep your knife
ready at the chap's throat, but not to use it onless he moves
and gits obstropolous. Say you'll do that now, while I takes a
turn or two upon my shadow, and I'll let you loose."
The youth hesitated. The woodman went on
" You mought as well, Airnest, I'm not guise to loose you
onless you says you won't hurt the critter. Say so, Airnest,
and I'll fix him so he can't follow us or make any fuss."
Finding that his companion was inflexible, and most prob-
ably somewhat subdued by this time, and conscious of the crime
he had striven to commit, IVlellichampe consented, though still
reluctantly, and the moment after he was released. The
woodman rose and began to make some farther preparations
for the securing of his' prisoner. Meanwhile, with his knee
firmly fastened upon the breast of the tory, and his dagger up-
lifted and in readiness, the eyes of the youth were fastened
with all the demon glare of hatred and revenge upon those
of the man below, him. The feelings of Barsfielcl under such
circumstances were anything but enviable. Accustomed to