Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XVI: The Tory Captain and the Lady >> Page 139

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
your countenance this morning would seem to imply a strange
lack of memory on your part, or a far stranger indifference to
its intimations."
He paused, as if in expectation of some reply, and she did
not suffer him long to wait. Her response was instantaneous,
and her equable expression of countenance unbroken.
There is nothing strange, sir, I believe, if you will consider
well the subject of which you speak. I know of no circum-
stances so strong in my memory which should disturb my
composure, however some of them may affect yours. Are you
not suffering from some mistake, sir ?""Scarcely, scarcely, Miss Berkeley," he exclaimed, hur-
riedly ; though, I must confess, your reply astounds me not
less now than your composure at our first meeting. Will you
pretend, Miss Berkeley, that you were not in the garden at a
late hour of last night ?"
I saw, sir, that you must labor under some mistake, and
such is certainly the case when you presume to examine me
thus. But I will relieve the curiosity which seems to have
superseded all your notions of propriety, and at once say that
I was in the garden last night.""'Tis well and there you saw another."" True, sir. I then and there saw another."
A rebel a lurking rebel, Miss Berkeley."
A brave man, a gentleman, an honest citizen, sir. My
friend my father's friend "" Say not so, for your father's sake, Miss Berkeley, I pray
you. It would greatly endanger the safety of your father,
were it known in the councils of Cornwallis that the son of the
notorious Max Mellichampe was his friend ; and still more,
were it known that they were in intimate communion."
I said not that, Captain Barsfield, I said not that," was
the hasty reply of Janet, in tones and with a manner that
showed how much she apprehended the consequences which
might arise from such an interpretation of her remark. Bars-
field smiled when he saw this, as he felt the consciousness of
that power which her words had given him over her. She
continued : Do not, I pray you, think for a moment that my