Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XVI: The Tory Captain and the Lady >> Page 140

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 140 MELLICHAMPE.
father knows anything of the visits of Mr. Mellichampe. He
came only to see me �"
The tory interrupted her with a sarcastic smile and speech :
And I am to understand that the dutiful Miss Berkeley
consents to receive the visits of a gentleman'without the con-
currence, and against the will, of her father ? A dilemma, is
it not, Miss Berkeley?"
I will not submit to be questioned, sir," was her prompt
reply ; and her eye glanced a haughty fire, before which that
of the lowly-bred tory quailed utterly. "You again mistake
me, sir, and do injustice to my father, when you venture such
an inquisition into my habits. I am free, sir, to act as my own
sense and discretion shall counsel. My father is not unwilling
that I should obey my own tastes and desires in the selection
of my associates, and to him alone am I willing to account."
She turned away as she spoke, and busied herself, or seemed
to busy herself, with some of the affairs of the household, with
the object, evidently, of arresting all farther conversation.
But with the pause of a few moments, in which he seemed to
be adjusting in his own mind the doubt and. difficulty, Bars-
field put on an air of decision, and readvanced to the maiden.
Hear me but a few moments, Miss Berkeley, and be not
impatient; and, should any of my words be productive of
annoyance, I pray you to overlook them, in consideration of
the difficulties which, as you will see, may soon lie before
Difficulties ! but go on, sir."
I need not say that I was a witness to your conference
with this young man last night.""You need not, sir," was her reply, with a manner that gave
life to the few words she uttered. A scowl went over the
tory's face, obscuring it for a moment, but he recovered in-
" I heard you both, and I felt sorry that you should have
risked your affections so unprofitably."
The maiden smiled her acknowledgments, and he proceeded.
Fortunately, however, for you at least, such ties as these,
particularly where the parties are so young as in the present