Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XVII: The Half-Breed Trails His Enemy >> Page 146

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Page 146

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription MELLIC RAMP E.
now stood ready, about to mount his tacky, as if going forth
with himself.
"You go with me, Mr. Blonay ?" was his question to the
half-breed, uttered in the mildest language.
Well, cappin, I reckon it's best that I should go 'long with
you 'tell I can hear something of Marion's men. When I
hears where to look for 'em I reckon I'll leave you, seeing it's
no use for me to go scouting with a dozen.'
You are right," was the response ; but fall behind till I
send the men forward ; I would have some talk with you."
Blonay curbed his pony, called in his dog, and patiently
waited until, sending his men forward under a sergeant, Bars-
field motioned him to follow with himself.
You were sadly at fault last night, Mr. Blonay," was the
first remark which he made to the half-breed, as they entered
upon the avenue ; " it is to be hoped that you will soon do
better.""hworn't my fault, cappin I did as you tell'd me," was
the quiet answer.
Well, perhaps so ; you are right, I believe. I did send
you too far round. That confounded garden holds several
acres.""Five, I reckon," said the other. Barsfield did not heed
the remark, but abruptly addressed him on the subject which
was most active in his thoughts.
You hold your mind, Mr. Blonay, I presume, for this adven-
ture ? You will undertake the business which I gave you in
hand ? You have no fears no scruples ?"
Well, I reckon it's a bargin, cappin. I'll do your business
if so be I kin, and if so be it doesn't take me from my own.
1 puts my own first, cappin, you see, for 'twould be agin natur
if' I didn't."
You are perfectly right to do so ; but I am in hope, and I
believe, that you will soon find our business to lie together.
If the enemy you seek be one of Marion's men, so is my enemy :
Should you find one, you will most probably get some clew to
the other ; and the one object, in this way, may help you to