Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XVIII: The Half-Breed is Winded >> Page 161

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Page 161

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription TIIE HALF-BREED IS WINDED. 161
" Your horse !"
Ah, that I should have forgotten the poor beast, thinking
of the barbecue. Tom, how's Nabob now ?"
Toni shook his head deplorably.
Ah ! well, I suppose I shall have to lose him. I must
leave him with your Santee jockey, Bill, and see what he can
do for him. But to that barbecue I'll go ! Flat ! I'll bor-
row the nag of that old German that's sick old
Feutbaer ! Well, he'll carry you safe enough ; it will be
for the tories to say if he will bring you back. But what's
this ?�ha !"
Humphries started as the two approached the little hollow
in which Tom carried on his preparations for the humble ,meal
of the squad for which he provided. The trooper seized a
rifle that stood against a tree beside him, and lifted it instan-
taneously to his eye. The muzzle of it rested upon the
strange dog that burrowed amid the offal strewn about the
place, unnoticed by the busy cook who purveyed for him.
Porgy was about to declare his wonderment at the sudden
ferocity of mood exhibited by his companion, when, motioning
him to be silent, the trooper lowered the weapon, and called
to John Davis, who was approaching at a little distance.
"Davis," said he, as the other came near, "do you know
that dog ?"
I think I do.
sure I know him."
Is it possible ?" exclaimed Humphries, somewhat impa-
tiently, " that you should any of you fail to remember the
brute ? What do you say, Tom ? Don't you know the dog ?"
This was addressed to the negro in tones that startled him.
" He face is berry familiar to me, Massa Bill," returned Tom
after a pause, in which he seemed to study the matter with
grave severity ; lie face is berry familiar to me, 'cept he a'n't
bin wash 'em much. But I loss de recollection ob de name
for ebber."" But why the devil," quoth Porgy, should that dirty-
looking beast so much interest you ? Positively, you are all
in a stew and sweat."
but where I've seen him I can't say. I'm