Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XVIII: The Half-Breed is Winded >> Page 162

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Page 162

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 162 MELLICH~MPE.
And well I may be if all's true that I suspect. I'm- a
marked man !"
A marked maxi ! you're dreaming ! What do you mean?"
I can not be mistaken, Porgy. That is the cur of Mother
Blonay� Goggle's mother� and the blear-eyed rascal must
be, even now, in this very neighborhood."
Do you think so, Bill?" demanded Davis.
Think so ? I know it; if I know the dog. If that be the
same brute, Blonay's here at hand in this very swamp ;
and we are bunted ! r am hunted ! The rascal's on my trail.
He seeks my life."
This was a serious suggestion, the importance of which was
instantly felt by all the group. If such a scout as Blonay
were really on the trail of Humphries, there was not a moment
in which his life was secure. There was no path which he
could pursue in safety ; every bush might give forth the
bullet, every tree-top, or hollow, or gulley, or bay, or swamp-
border, send forth its sudden messenger of death. The assas-
sin in the scout, and on trail, presents to the imagination of
the woodman as complete an idea of danger and terror as it
belongs to the human mind to conceive. But Humphries,
though rendered very serious by his conjectures, was not ap-
palled, or deprived by his apprehensions of the first attributes
of manhood-- thought and decision.
We are hunted," he continued, after closely scrutinizing
the dog, " I am now sure of it. Goggle's in this very place,
and the bead of his rifle, no doubt ranging, some hundred yards
off, upon some one of this party. But don't look up or
around," said he quickly, seeing that his companions were
about to let their eyes and gestures betray their curiosity.
Do not look, or start, or seem curious. If he be here, as I
believe, we must not suffer him to suppose that his presence is
suspected. We must play a scout-game with the rascal; while
we are all here together, be will scarcely trouble one of us.
He will watch his opportunity to find me alone, for I am sure
that I am the one he seeks."" But," said Porgy, even if this be the rascal's dog, and
it has a sufficiently rascally look to be so, why should that