Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 174

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 174 MELLICHAMPE.
swamp. He had not slain his enemy, it is true ; but he had
been quite as successful in discovering the place of his retreat
as his most sanguine hopes had predicted. He had not merely
seen his particular foe, and found out his hiding-place, but he
had discovered the passage to one of those secret haunts of the
swamp-fox," the knowledge of which, he doubted not, would
bring him a handsome reward from the British officers, to whom
Marion was becoming, daily, more and more an object of hos-
tile consideration. Satisfied, therefore, with the result of his
expedition, though lamenting the unavoidable sacrifice which
he had made of his dog his last friend, his only companion
he at once took his way back to Piney Grove," where he
hoped to meet with Barsfield. It was not long before he stood
before the tory, who led him away at once into the woods,
anxious, from his intense hate to Mellichampe, to learn how
far the half-breed had been successful in his search.
Well, what have you done ? what have you seen? Have
you found the trail, Blonay ? Have you discovered the hiding-
place of this reptile these reptiles ?"
Well, cappin, there's no saying for certain, when you're
upon the trail of a good woodman. He's everywhere, and
then agin lie's nowhere. Sometimes he's in one place, some-
times in another ; and sometimes it a'n't three minutes' differ-
ence that he don't have a change. Now the ' swamp-fox' is
famous for drawing stakes, and going there's no telling where."
True, true, I know all that. But it's for a good scout to
find him out, and track him through all his changes. Now,
what have you done in your search? You have seen your
enemy, have you not ? Where have you left him ? and, above
all, have you seen that boy lie whom, of all others, I would
have you see ? What of Mellichampe ?"
I seed him, cappin, but mighty far off I know'd him from
what you tell'd me I can't be mistaken."
Well !"" But, cappin, there's a mighty heap of men with Marion
more than a hundred."
Impossible ! you dream !" responded the tory in astonish-