Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 212

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 212 MELLICHAMPE.
bands they glided off, and at a far freer pace than when
they rode together in a body. A thousand tracks they found
in the woods about them, in pursuing which there was now no
obstruction no hustling of brother horsemen pressing upon
the same rout. Singleton and his youthful companion dart-
ed away at an easy pace' into the woods, in which they
had scarcely shrouded themselves before they heard the rush-
ing and fierce cries of Tarleton's dragoons.
"Do you remember, Lance," said Singleton to the boy
" do you remember, the chase we had from the Oaks, when
Proctor pursued us ?"" Yes, sir and a narrow chance it was when your horse
tumbled. I thought they would have caught and killed you
then, sir ; but I didn't know anything of fighting in the
woods then."
Keep cool, and there's little danger anywhere," responded
Singleton. " Men in a hurry are always in danger. To be safe,
be steady. But�ha ! do you not hear them now ? Some of
them have got upon our track."
I do hear a noise, sir�there was a dry bush that cracked
And a voice that was a shout. Let us stop for a moment
and reload. A shot may be wanted."
Coolly dismounting, Singleton proceeded to charge his
rifle, which had been slung across his shoulder. His com-
panion did the same. While loading, the former felt a slight
pain and stiffness in his left arm.
I am hurt, Lance, I do believe. Look here at my shoul-
There's blood, sir and the coat's cut with a bullet. The
bullet's in your arm, sir.""No�not now. It has been there, I believe, though the
wound is slight. There, now mount we have no time to
see it now."" That's true, sir, for I hear the horses ; and, look now, ma-
jor, there's two of the dragoons coming through the bush,
and straight toward us."
Two only ?" said Singleton, again unslinging his rifle.