Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XXIV: Sketches of the Strife >> Page 220

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Page 220

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 220 MELLICHAMPE.
Father of mercies, spare him ! spare them all ! Soften
their hearts let them not spill blood !" was the involuntary
prayer of Janet. "Rose, do not go on so; do not fear; you
are not in danger, dear Rose : but keep on the floor ; the shot
can not reach you there."" But you, Janet you are in danger at the window : come
down, dear Janet, and sit with me. The bullets will be sure
to hit you. Come down. I'm so afraid."
Pull me not down, Rose ; there is no danger here, for the
shot do not fly in this direction. They fly all toward the
garden, where our people are, under the trees."
Where ? do you see them, Janet ?" cried Rose, half rising.
"Yes; hush�there!" But a cry and a shot at that mo-
ment frightened the other to her place upon the floor, and
she sank down with renewed trepidation.
I see them now, all of them : some stand behind the water-
oaks ; and I see two crawling along under the bushes. God
preserve them! Should Barsfield know they are there, he
could kill them, for there are no trees between them and the
house�nothing but the bushes. Oh God !"
The exclamation startled Rose with a new terror.
What, Janet ?"
I see him! Rash Mellichampe! I see him, and he is
mounted. The tories must see him too. Why ! oh, why will be
expose himself! why does he not keep behind the trees ! He
stands he does not move. Barsfield must soon see him now.
Fly., fly, Ernest !" and, her emotion assuming the ascendency,
she arose from her chair, and motioned with her hand, and
cried with her voice, now feeble and husky from affright, as if
he to whom it was addressed could hear it at such a distance.
"He hears me lie moves away. Oh, dear Ernest! he is
now behind the trees. Thank God, he is safe !" and she sank
again into her seat, and fondly believed, at that moment, that
he had heard her warnings and complied with her entreaties.
There was a pause in the conflict. Neither shot nor shout
came to their senses.
" Is it over, Janet ?" cried Rose. Have they done fight-
ing' I hear nothing. There is no danger now."