Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XXIV: Sketches of the Strife >> Page 222

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Page 222

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 222 MELLICHAMPE.
dress of her companion, and clinging to it with all the trepida-
tion of childhood.
Ah ! they lift their rifles. I see three of them that kneel
behind the trees, and they have their aim upon something, but
what I can not see. What is it they would shoot ? They are
pointed to the house, too. I see now : two of the tories are at
one window. God help them, why do they not hide them-
selves ?"
Are they gone now, Janet ?" asked Rose in the momentary
silence of her companion.
I know not; I can not look again. Ha! the shot ! the
shot ! the rifles ! They are slain !"
The sharp, sudden sound of the rifles followed almost in-
stantly the inquiry of Rose Duncan, and the eyes of Janet
instantly turned, as under some fascination,, toward the win-
dow. The troopers were no longer to be seen. Shuddering
as with convulsion, she turned from the window and sank
down beside her more timid companion. But her heart was
too full of anxiety to suffer her to remain long where she had
fallen. The sounds again ceased, and she ventured to rise
once more and look forth upon the prospect. She now saw the
scene more distinctly. The partisans had somewhat changed
their position, and were now nearer the cottage. Singleton
stood beneath a tree, with several of his officers about him.
The quick eye of Janet readily distinguished her lover among
them. He stood erect, graceful, and firm as ever, and she for-
got her fears, her sorrows : he was unhurt. While she looked,
they moved away from the spot, and she now beheld them
making a circuit round the park so as to avoid unnecessary
exposure to the tory bullets, and approaching the little cottage
in which the family found shelter.
Heavens ! Rose, they are coming here�the officers.
What can they want? There may be some one hurt. Yet
no, it does not look so."" Then the fighting is over, Janet.""No, no, I fear not, for I see the riflemen all around the
house, and watching it closely from beneath the trees, But
here they come, the officers, and he is among them. Go, Rose,