Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XXV: The Courage of Love >> Page 228

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Page 228

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 228 MELLICHAMIE.
and turned. to the feeble Rose, who still lay upon the floor at
her feet, in a degree of mental and physical prostration full as
great, even now, as at the first moment in which the battle
Rose, dear Rose, will you go with me ?"
Where, go where, Janet ? You frighten me !"
There is no danger now. Go with me, Rose, dear cousin,
let me not go alone."" But tell me where, dearest Janet ? Where would you
go? and you look so strange and wild ; put up your hair,
Janet.""No�no no matter. It is no time. I must go, I must
seek him, Rose, and I would not go alone. Come with me,
dearest, my sister, come with me. Believe me, there can
be no danger -- only to the avenue."
What, where they've been fighting, and in all that horrid
blood ?" cried the other, in a voice that was a shriek.
"Even there where there is blood �where�oh, God be
with me ! where there must be death. I go to seek for it,
Rose, though, I would not find it if I could," solemnly, and
with clasped and uplifted hands, responded the devoted maiden.
Never, never,"4ried the other.
Rose, dear Rose, will you let me go alone? I beg you,
Rose, on my knees, there is no danger now."
There is danger, Janet, and they will murder us. I heard
them crying and shouting only a minute ago ; and, there,
there is that dreadful trumpet now, whose sounds go like a
sword-stab to my heart. I can not, Janet -- I dare not : there
is danger.""None: on my life, Rose, there is no danger now. Our
people have retreated, and the dragoons have all gone off in
pursuit. They are now a great way off, and we can get back
to the house long before they return. Do not fear, Rose, but
go with me, only for a little while."
I can not, I will not go among the dead bodies. You would
not have me go there, Janet ; you surely will not go yourself ?""Ay, there, Rose, even there, among the dying and the
dead, if it must be so. I may serve the one, I have no cause