Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XXIX: The Half-Breed and the Tory >> Page 254

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Page 254

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 254 MELMCIIAMPE.
I have, colonel."
Unseen by any of the rebel force?"
Yes, colonel."
Can you guide us there, too, undiscovered ?"
Adrat it �yes if the scouts a'n't out. When I went the
scouts were all in, since there was no alarm, and Marion was
guine upon an expedition."
What expedition ?"
Well, I don't know, colonel �L somewhere to the north, I
reckon down about Waccamaw."" And suppose his scouts are out now-- will they see us
can we not make our way_ undiscovered. ?""'Taint so easy, colonel; there's no better scouts in natur
than the ' swamp fox' keeps. They will dodge all day long
in one thicket from the best ten men of the legion."" Is there no way of misleading the scouts ?""None, colonel, that I knows.. If you could send out a
strong party of the horse in a different direction, as if you was
trying to get round them, you might trick the old fox into
believing it; but that's not so easy to do. He's mighty shy,
and a'n't to be caught with chaff."" Nor will I try any such experiment. Hark'ee, fellow; if
I find that you deceive me, I shall not stop a moment to give
your throat the surety of a strong cord. Your counsels to
break my force, to be cut up when apart, are those of one who
is drawing both right and left, and argues but little respect for
my common sense. But I will trust you so far as you promise.
You shall guide me to the hole of the fox, and. I will do the
rest. Guide me faithfully, and stick close to your promise,
and I will reward you; betray me, deceive me, or even look
doubtfully in our progress, and, so sure as I value the great
trust in my hands, your doom is written. Away now, and be
ready with the dawn."
The scout bowed and. retired. The moment that his back
had been turned upon the speaker, Tarleton motioned two sol-
diers, who stood at a little distance, and who kept their eyes
ever watchfully upon Blonay. They turned away at the sig-
nal, and followed the' scout at a respectful distance, but one