Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XXXI: Scouting >> Page 264

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Page 264

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 264 MELLICHAMPE.
THAT night, as soon as he deemed it prudent, Barsfield,
punctual to his engagement with the half-breed, left the
camp, and, without observation, proceeded to the place of
meeting which had been determined upon between them. He
was not long in finding the person he sought. Blonay was no
less punctual than his employer, and the shrill whistle of the
latter, thrice repeated through his folded hands, soon brought
him from his cover. The half-breed answered the signal
readily, and in a few moments after emerged from the hum-
mock in which, with a taste of his own, he had taken up his
abode. A dim light was shining from the sky, only sufficient
to enable the tory to recognise the outline, but not the sev-
eral features, of his companion's person. Blonay freely ex-
tended his hand, and the fleshless, bony fingers took in their
grasp those of Barsfield, who did not hesitate to follow his
guidance, though he somewhat loathed the gripe of his con-
"Why go further why not remain and talk here ?" was
his demand.
" There 's no telling, cappin, who 's a listening. Singleton's
men's watching me now; and Colonel Tarleton, he doesn't
trust me, and there's two of the dragoons that's kept close on
my heels ever since I seed him last. It's true I dodged 'em
when the sun went down, but they're on the look-out yet, I
And why did you dodge them you didn't mean to run ?"
demanded the other.
No, but I'd rather a man shoot me than peep over my