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Page 265

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription SCOUTING-. 265

shoulder; it's like a log round the neck, to be always looked
And why do you think that Singleton's men are also look-
ing out for you ?""'Cause one of them knows I'm in these parts, and he
knows I'm dangerous."
." But can he find you ?"" He's a born swamp-sucker like myself, and lee's dangerous
too. He knows I'm hereabouts, and I reckon he can't sleep
easy till he finds me or I find him."
Barsfield no longer objected, and together they penetrated
the covert until they reached a dry spot, where, with a fancy
as natural as it was peculiar, the half-breed had chosen his
temporary dwelling, in preference to that of the camp or plan-
tation. A few brands of the resinous pine, in which commodity
the country around was abundantly supplied, were huddled
together and in a blaze, which, though bright enough to illu-
mine all objects around them, was imperceptible on the outer
edge of the hummock, from the exceeding density of its foliage.
A huge gum-tree, that stood upon the bank, sent up bulgingly
above the surface a monstrous series of roots, which, covered
with fresh moss, had made the pillow of the inhabitant. A
thick coat of clustering oak-leaves, the tribute of a tree that
had made such a deposite probably for a hundred winters,
composed the sylvan couch of the outlier, while the folding
and thickly-leaved branches overhead afforded him quite as
gracious a cover from the' unfriendly dews as it was in the
nature of a form so callous to need or to desire. But the place
seemed cheerless to Barsfield, in spite of the genial tempera-
ture of the season, and the bright flame burning before him.
"And. you sleep here, Mr. Blonay ?" was his involuntary
Yes, cappin, here or further in the bush. If I hear strange
noises that I don 't like, I slips down further into the bay, and
then I'm sure to be safe, for it's a mighty troublesome way to
take, and very few people like to hunt in such bottoms ; it 's all
sloppy, and full of holes, and the water's as black as pitch."
What noise is that ?" said Barsfield.