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Page 268

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 268 MELLICHAMPE.
"He will not, when you have shown him to the camp of
Marion."" Well, if so be he don't, I'll be back mighty soon after I
leaves him. I don't want to go with him, 'cause I knows
there's no finding a man's enemy in pertic'lar, when there's a
big.company 'long."�
It is well. You will be back, then, by to-morrow night,
and I will then put you upon a plan which will enable you to
get this boy out of the way for me."" Well, but, cappin, ha'n't you got him now? It's mighty
easy now, as I tell'd you before, to do for him yourself."
You do not seem to understand, Blonay. I am prevented
from doing anything, as Tarleton has made me directly respon-
sible for the appearance of the prisoner."" Adrat it, who's to know when the colonel's gone? The
chap's hurt and sick. Reckon he can die by natur."
Barsfield understood him, and replied �
"Yes, and nature might be helped in his case, but that
Tarleton's own surgeon and assistants remain, and none but
the Berkeley family are to be admitted to the prisoner. If I
could report at my pleasure on his condition, it might easily be
done ; but I can not. It must be done by another, if done at
all, and in such a way as will show that I could have had no
hand in it. I have a plan in my mind for this purpose, which
you shall execute on your return, by which means I shall
avoid these difficulties. You. are willing ?"
Well, yes, I reckon. It don't take much to finish a chap
that's half dead already ; but �I say, cappin�does you
really think now that that 'ere gal has a notion for him ?"
The question seemed to Barsfield exceedingly impertinent,
and be replied with a manner sufficiently haughty :
What matters it to you, sirrah, whether .she has such a
notion or not? How does it concern you? and what should
you know of love ?""No harm, cappin I doesn't mean any harm; it don't
consarn me, that's true. But, adrat it, cappin, she's a mighty
fine gal : and she does look so sweet and so sorry all the time,
jist as if she wouldn't hurt a mean crawling black spider that
was agin the wall."