Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XXXIII: Lovers' Doubts and Dreams >> Page 279

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Page 279

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription LOVERS' DOUBTS AND DREAMS. 2'79
are ever dear, how can I repay, how respond to such sweet
Jove ? I now feel how very poor, how very dependent, how
very destitute I am !"
These were almost the first words which he uttered after
awakening from a long, deep, and refreshing sleep, into which
he had been thrown by an opiate judiciously administered for
that object. She had no reply, but, bending down to his pillow,
her lips were pressed upon his forehead lightly, while her up-
lifted finger warned him into silence. He felt a tear, but a
single tear; upon his cheek, while her head hung above him ;
and so far from being destitute, as he had avowed himself
before, he now felt how truly rich he was in the possession of
such dear regards.
Heaven bless you, my angel," he continued, but I must
talk to you, unless you will to me. Speak to me, tell me
all, let me know what has passed. What of Major Single-
ton and our men ?"" They are gone safe."
All ! this is good. But Witherspoon� what of him ? be
was fighting, when I saw him last, with two : they were pres-
sing him hard, and I�I could give him no aid. What of him ;
is he safe ? Tell me ; but do not say that harm has befallen
He, too, is safe, dear Ernest ; I saw him as he fled."
Ha ! did he leave me, then ; and where? I looked not
for that from him. Perhaps, it is so, he brought me to you,
did he not ?"
He did not, but then he could not, dearest. He was coin-
pelled to fly in haste. I saw him while he fled, and the dra-
goons came fast after him."
He would have put a thousand other questions, and vainly
she exhorted him to silence. She was compelled to narrate
all she knew, in order to do that which her entreaties, in the
great anxiety and impatience of his mind failed to effect. She
told him of the continued fight in the avenue, of the approach
of Tarleton, and how, when the enemy had gone in pursuit of
the flying partisans, she had sought and found him. Of these
events he had no recollection: She suppressed, however, all