Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 291

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription GUILTY SCHEMES. 291
THREE days elapsed from the departure of Blonay with
Colonel Tarleton before he returned to Piney Grove. Barsfield
grew impatient. He had matured his plan in his mind ; he
had devised the various processes for the accomplishment of
his purpose, and he was feverish and restless until he could
confer with his chief agent in the business. He came at last,
and first brought intelligence to the tory of the failure of the
legionary colonel to surprise the wary Marion.
"And where now is Colonel Tarleton?" demanded Barsfield.
Gone up after the 'game cock.'"
I'rn glad of it," said the tory, involuntarily. He might
have been in our way. When did you separate from him ?""Day before yesterday : he went up the river. I went
back into the swamp."
And why? Had not the rebels left it ? Did you not say
that they crossed the river on the approach of Tarleton ?"
Yes but, adrat it ! they crossed back mighty soon after
Tarleton had gone out of sight." .
And they are even now in the swamp again ?"" Jist as they was at first."
The devil ! And you have seen them there .since the
departure of Tarleton ?"
Reckon I has."
They are audacious, but we shall rout them soon. My
loyalists are coming in rapidly, and I shall soon be able, I
* Colonel Sumter´┐Żso styled by Tarleton himself. This was no less the nomme de guerre of Sumter than was " the swamp-fox" that of Marion. Both names are singularly characteristic.