Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XXXV: Guilty Schemes >> Page 295

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Page 295

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription GUILTY SCHEMES. 295
to revenge me in my wrongs upon him. You, perhaps, do not
comprehend this sort of generosity. Your way is to kill your
enemy when you can, and in the most ready manner ; and,
perhaps, if the mere feeling of hostility were alone to be
considered, yours would be as proper a mode as any other.
But men who rank high in society must be regulated by its
notions. To gratify a feeling is not so important as to gratify
it after a particular fashion. We kill an enemy for our own
satisfaction ; but our seconds have a taste to be consulted, and
they provide the weapons, and say when and how we shall
strike, and stand by to share the sport."" Adrat it, but there's no need of them. A dark wood, close
on the .edge of the swamp, where you can roll the carrion in
the bog, and that's all one wants for his enemy after the bul-
let's once gone through his head.""So you think, and so, perhaps, you may . think rightly ;
but I move in a different world from you, and am compelled
to think differently. I can not revenge myself after your
fashion. I must give my enemy a chance for a fair fight. I
must devise a plan for his escape from the guards, and in that,
Blonay, I require your assistance."
Adrat it, cappin, if so be all you want is to let the fellow
off, why don't you let him run without any fuss. You don't
want my help for that._ He'll promise to meet you, I reckon,
in any old field, and then you can settle your concern without
more trouble."
What! and be trussed up by Cornwallis or Tarletoni a
moment after, as a traitor, upon the highest tree ! You seem
to forget, Mr. Blonay, that, in doing as you now advise, I must
be guilty of a breach of trust, and a disobedience of orders,
which are remarkably positive and strict. Your counsel is
scarcely agreeable, Blonay, and anything but wise."
Adrat it, cappin, won't it be a breach of trust, any how,
supposing the chap gits off from prison by my help ?"
Not if I can show to my superior that I maintained a
proper guard over him, and used every effort for his recapture,."
But how can he git off if you does that ?" inquired the
seemingly dull Blonay.