Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XXXV: Guilty Schemes >> Page 296

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Page 296

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 29G MELLICHAMPE.
I will not do so. I will not maintain a proper guard. I
will give you certain opportunities, which shall be known only
to yourself, and, at the same time, I shall keep up an appear-
ance of the utmost watchfulness ; so that whatever blame may
attach to the proceeding, will fall full, not upon my head, but
the sentinel's."" Adrat it, cappin, I suppose it's all right, as you say. I
can't say myself. I don't see, but should like to hear, cappin,
what all's to be done."
Hear me : the prisoner must be taught that you are his
friend, willing, for certain reasons, and for good rewards, to ex-
tricate him from his predicament."
Yes, but how is he to know that ? You wouldn't let any-
body to see him, nobody but the doctor and the young lady."
True ; but it is through the young lady herself that the
matter is to be executed�"
I won't do nothin' to hurt the gal, cappin," exclaimed Blo-
nay, quickly and decisively.
Fool ! I ask no service from you which can possibly do
her harm. Be not so hasty in your opinions, but hear me out.
It is through her that you are to- act on him. She has distin-
guished you with some indulgences she sent you your break-
fast this morning "
She's a mighty good gal !" said the other, meditatively,
and interrupting the now deeply-excited and powerfully-inter-
ested Barsfield.
She is," said the tory, in a tone artfully conciliatory ; " she
is, and it will both serve and please her to extricate this youth
from the difficulties which surround him. He is an object of
no small importance in her sight."" The gal loves him," still meditatively said the other.
Yes, and you now have an excellent opportunity to offer
her your service without being suspected of any wrong. You
are to seek her, and tell her what you have heard respecting
the prisoner. Say that he is to be sent to town to stand his
trial ; that there is no doubt that he will be convicted if he
goes, and that his execution will follow as certainly as soon.
You can then pledge yourself to save him to get him out of