Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THE SUBTLETY OF TTTE TORY. 301.
for the maiden which were at work in the breast of the savage,
whom he loathed even while employing, and for whom he
meditated the same doom of death, at the same time, which
his hands were preparing for Mellicllampe.
But Blonay saw through his intentions ; and, confident that
the plan was designed for the murder of Mellichampe, he
suspected, at the same time, the design upon himself.
He won't want me after that," he muttered to himself, as
soon as he got into the woods ; and he chuckled strangely and
bitterly as he thought over the affair. In the woods he could
think freely, and he soon conceived the entire plan of his
employer. He determined accordingly. He was a tactician,
and knew how much was to be made out of the opinion enter-
tained by Barsfield of his stolidity. He was an adept at that
art which governs men by sometimes adopting, seemingly,
their own standards of judgment.
He went instantly back to the tory, and, drawing from his
purse the sum of five guineas which the other had given while
engaging him, he spoke thus, while returning it :
I reckon, cappin, you'd better git somebody else to do
your business for you in this 'ere matter. I can't.
Can't ! why ?" responded Barsfield, in astonishment.
Well, you see, cappin I've been thinking over the busi-
ness, and, you see, I can't see it to the bottom. I don't
understand it."
And what then? Why should you understand it? You
have only to do what is told you. I understand it, and that's
enough, I imagine."
I reckon not, cappin´┐Żaxing your pardon. I never med-
dles with business I don't understand. If so be your says, ' Go
to the chap's room, and put your knife in him,' I'll do that for
the money ; but I can't think of the other business.. I don't
see to the bottom it's all up and down, and quite a confusion
to me."
The proposal to murder Mellichampe off-hand for the five
guineas would have been accepted instantly, were it the policy
of Barsfield to have it done after that fashion ; but he dared
not close with the tempting offer. The willingness of Blonay,