Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XXXVI: The Subtlety of the Tory >> Page 302

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Page 302

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 302 MELLIOFIAMPE.
however, to commit the act, had the effect upon Barsfield's
mind which the half-breed desired. It induced a degree of
confidence in him which the tory was previously disposed to
withhold. He now sought to test his agent a little more
And you will go now to his room and put him to death for
the same money ?"
Say the word, cappin," was the ready response, uttered
with the composure of one whose mind is made up to the per-
formance of the deed. The tory paused he dared not comply.
And why not help in getting him clear ? Where's the dif-
ference ?""'Cause I can't see what you want to clear him for, when
you want to kill him, and when you knows he's guine to be
hung. I can't see.""Never mind : it is my desire -- is not that enough? I
choose it--it is my notion. I will pay you for my notion.
Do what I have said ---here are five guineas more. Go to Miss
Berkeley, and tell her what I have taught you." .
The half-breed hesitated, or seemed to hesitate. The bright
gold glittered in his eye, and he was not accustomed to with-
stand temptation. His habit almost overcame his reflection,
and the determined conviction of his mina ; but he resisted the
suggestion and adhered to his resolve.
" I'd rather not, cappin ; I reckon I can't. If you says now
that you wants to kill him, I'll help you, 'cause then I under-
stands you ; but to git him out, and let him run free, fist when
there's no need for it, and when you hates him all over, is too
strange to me �I can't see to the bottom.""And you will not do as you have said ?" demanded the
other, with some vexation in his tone and countenance.
Well, now, cappin, why not speak out the plain thing as
it is," said the half-breed, boldly ; " don't I see how 'tis?
When you gits him. out, you'll put it to him�that's what I
understands. If it's so, say so, and I'll go the death for you;
but I a'n't guine to sarve a man that won't let me know the
business I'm guine upon. Let me see your hand, and I'll say
if I back you."