Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XL: The Half-Breed Betrays the Tory >> Page 335

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THE .HALF-B R I ED BETRAYS -THE TORY. 335
something's to be done, but he can't do it, you see, 'cause
they trusts him, and he can't break his trust. It's much as his
neck's worth, you see, to do it."
With some surprise, she inquired of whom he spoke.
" Why, you don't know the cappin that's here Ca,ppin Bars-
field ? He says as how the young man's to be hung if he gits
to Charleston, and how he must get away before; and he tells
me I'm to try and git him off, without letting the sogers see."
Barsfield parsfield say this ? Barsfield do this, Mr. Blo-
nay? Impossible ! You do not know the man."
It's a round truth, miss � he tell'd me so with his own
mouth, and tell'd me ax pardon, miss, but I must tell you all
what he said�"
He paused hesitatingly.
Speak boldly," she said, encouragingly.
"He said, miss, as how he loved you, though you didn't
fancy him no how, and hadn't no thought 'cept for the young
fellow that's a prisoner; and how he wanted to help the young
man, though he didn't like him no how; and he would do so,
if 'twas only to do you pleasure.""And he told you this ?" inquired the maiden, in unmixed
Jist the words, miss."
Indeed !""Yes ; and he said as how he couldn't help the young man
off, for he had to watch him, but that I must do it, and he
gave me this money to do it.""And did he counsel you to tell me of this ?""No, miss, he only tell'd me to tell you that I could git the
young fellow out of prison, and git you to make him know
how he was to do, and all about it; but the cappin told me I
wasn't to say nothing about him in the business, for he said
you hated him .so you would think something wrong if you
knew he had a hand in it."" And I do think there is something wrong in it. Heaven
help me! what new plot is he weaving now ? What new mis-
chief would he contrive ? Is Mellichampe never to escape his
toils ? Would to Heaven that I had a friend ?"