Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XL: The Half-Breed Betrays the Tory >> Page 336

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Page 336

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 336 M ELLICHAMPE.
Adrat it, miss, but aint I willing to be your friend ? and I
won't ax you for no pay. I'm a pool ' sort of body enough, and
you're a sweet lady ; but I'm willing to be your friend, and to
pull trigger for you, if needs be and the time comes for it.
Jist say now that I shall be your friend, and there's no telling
how much I can help you in this here squabble."
You can help me nothing, I fear me, Mr. Blonay; and as
for this plan of Captain Barsfield, I will have nothing to do
with it or him. I doubt �I suspect all his plans; and how-
ever he may profess of regard for me, I look upon this employ-
ment of you, for the purpose of which you speak, as only a
new scheme for the entrapment of Mr. Mellicliampe."
That's jist what I was going to tell you, miss; for, you
see, it don't stand to reason, that when a ma.ii hates another
to kill, lie's going to help him to git away ; and so, when the
cappin first spoke to me, I was bewildered like, and said I'd
do it ; but, soon as I_got in the bush and began to think about
it, adrat it ! the whole contrivance stood clear before me, and
so I went back to hirn."" For what ?"
Well, you see, to tell him as how I couldn't think to han-
dle the thing, for I didn't see to the bottom of it."
Well what then ?"
Why, then he up and tell'd me all the whole truth�all
what he kept before : and, sure enough, 'twas jist as I thought,
and jist what you think. The cappin only wanted to have a
drive himself at the young fellow, and he thought, if he could
git me to talk to you, and make fine promises as how I could
git him out of prikon, why, I should lead him into a trap that
ne'd set, so that there would be no gftting off."
You refused ?"
No, reckon not. I worn't a fool, you see. I know'd if I
said no, it wouldn't be so safe for me any longer in these parts;
and then agin I know'd if he didn't git me he'd git somebody
else, so I took the money, and promised to do my best and to
try you.""I thank you, Mr. Blonay�from my heart I thank you.
You have done me good service indeed, and you shall be