Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XL: The Half-Breed Betrays the Tory >> Page 338

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 3 38 MELLICHAMPE.
Seek me to-morrow," she said, hurriedly, "seek me in
private, when the troops are on parade. Keep yourself un-
seen, Mr. Blonay, and we will then speak more on this matter."
At the earliest opportunity on the morning of the next day
she sought Mellichampe, and unfolded all the particulars of
the interview with Blonay. The speech of her lover, as he
listened to her communication, astounded her not a little.
Admirable !--Excellent !" were the words of exultation
with which he received the intelligence. This will do ad-
mirably, dear Janet, and corresponds finely with a plan which
I had conceived in part. A good plan, attended with diffi-
culties, however, which, without the aid of Blonay, I could not
so easily have overcome. I now see my way through. The
scheme of Barsfield will help me somewhat to the execution of
my own project, and must greatly facilitate my chances of
Speak how say, dear Ernest," cried the maiden breath-
Hear me. We will accept of the services of this fellow
Blonay I will take his guidance."
What! to be murdered !""No! to escape."
She shook her head doubtfully.
Listen he proceeded. Blonay is trusted by Barsfield,
and evidently does not trust in return. It is shown sufficiently
in the development which he has made to you of all the plans
of the tory. We do not see exactly why this should be so,
but so it evidently is. The probability is, indeed, that Blonay
is conscious that he has no claim upon Barsfield after he shall
have served him by my death, and he fears that he himself
will be as soon murdered by his employer when he shall have
discharged his agency, in order to the better concealment of
his own share in my escape. There are no ties among ruffians
save those of a common interest, and the policy of Barsfield
will be the destruction of one to whom he has been compelled
to confide so much. According to Blonay's own showing, the
necessity of the case extorted from the tory a confession of his
true design, which, before, he was disposed to withhold. Un.