Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLI: The Tory Exults in His Hopes of Vengeance >> Page 344

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Page 344

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 344 MELLICH.AMPE.
Whatever he can get."
I'll try but there's no saying. I'll do what I can."
He desires no more of you. Next, you must find out ex-
actly where Captain Barsfield puts his ambuscade."
Eli !�that's the trap, you mean ?"
Yes find out that, get the weapons, and at midnight to-
morrow he will be ready to go with you."
To-morrow night midnight !�well, now, Miss Janet,
that'll be a bad time, seeing that ther'll be a bright moon then."
She paused�hesitated�but a moment after repeated the
It must be then. He wishes it to be so lie has so deter
mined."" Jist as you say, miss. I'm ready though it's a mighty
tough sort of business, I tell you ; and the cappin's got a ground
knife for the lad, I reckon. He hates him pretty bad, and
won't miss his chance if be can help it."
Be you true to us, Mr. Blonay�; be you true, and I hope
for the best. Be you true to us, as you would hope for God's
blessing on your life hereafter. Take this purse, Mr. Blonay
the gift is small, I know, but it will prove to you how grate-
ful I am for what you have done for me, and be an earnest of
what I shall give you for your continued fidelity."
She put a richly wrought purse of silk into his hands, through
the interstices of which the half-breed beheld distinctly the
rich yellow of the goodly coin which filled it. It was no part
of his morality to refuse money on any terms, and he did not af-
fect any hesitation on the present occasion. It found its way
readily into a general reservoir, which was snugly concealed
by his dress, and there became kindred with the guineas which
Barsfield had bestowed upon him for a very different service.
Though without doubt intending to be faithful to Janet, and
distrusting Barsfield on his own account, the gift of the
maiden stimulated his fidelity, and he seriously, though in his
own rude and broken manner, attempted to dissuade her from
the project. Janet heard him patiently, thanked him for his
counsel, but reiterated the determination of Mellichampe to
abide his chance.