Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLI: The Tory Exults in His Hopes of Vengeance >> Page 345

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Page 345

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Well�if that's the how," he exclaimed, conclusively, the
butt of his rifle sinking heavily upon the floor as he spoke
if that's the how and he's bent to take his chance, he must
go thr outh with it-- though I warn you, Miss Janet, there'll
~.d main hard fighting�"
Be sure you get the weapons," she said, interrupting him.
�I'll try ; for he'll want 'em bad, I tell you. I'll do my
best, and if so be I can get him out of the scrape, it won't be
the guineas, Miss Janet, that'll make me do it. You're a lady,
every inch of you, and I'll work for you jist the same as if you
hadn't gi'n me anything; 'and�" in a half-whisper conclu-
ding the sentence�" if it comes to the scratch, you see, adrat
it ' I won't stop very long to put it to the cappin's own head,"
dnd he touched significantly the lock of his rifle. She sliud-
dered slightly, not so much at the action or the words as at
the dreadful look which accompanied them.
To-morrow I shall see-you, then ?" she said, as he was
about to leave her. You go now, I suppose, to communicate
to Captain Barsfield ?"
Yes � off hand. He tell'd me to come to him soon as I'd
got your answer."
Do so, Mr. Blonay� and, remember the hour remember
the arms !"
The scout was gone the die was cast and the feelings
of the woman grew uppermost with his departure. She sank
into a chair, and was relieved by a flood of tears.
The intelligence brought by the half-breed rejoiced the heart of the tory.
"And when does he propose to take advantage of your
offer? What time has he appointed for the flight ?" he de-
manded, eagerly. The scout, more cunning than Janet, had
his answer :
" That he leaves to me. I'm to git tlfings ready, you see,
cappin, and when I tells him I'm ready to show the track, he'll
set out upon it with me.""'Tis well ! You have done excellently, Blonay, and shall
fare the better for it. I feared that she might be suspicious of
you: but the case is desperate she thinks so, at least, and