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Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLI: The Tory Exults in His Hopes of Vengeance >> Page 346

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Page 346

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 34b MELLICHAMPF.
that is enough. Tarleton and Balfour are not known as mer-
ciful judges, and Mellichampe is prudent to take any other
The tory spoke rather to himself than to his companion.
The latter,. however, did not suffer him to waste much time in
unnecessary musing. He put his inquiries with the freedom
of one confident of his importance.
" And now, cappin, which track am I to take ? You wants
to fix a sort of trap, and ""Ay�yes! But you must let me know the hour upon
upon which you start, in order that I may prepare beforehand."" Sartain," was the unhesitating reply. Barsfield pro-
ceeded :--
The mere departure from the house will be easy enough.
He must go in safety out of the immediate enclosure. Nothing
must be done to harm him in close neighborhood of the dwel-
ling. The sentinel guarding the gallery will be missing from
the watch at the hour on which you tell me the prisoner is
disposed to start. Determine upon that as soon as possible, in
order that I may arrange it. The sentinel at the back-door
will also be withdrawn,. and you will have no difficulty in get-
ting to the bay in the hollow between the house and the ave-
nue. Lead him by the bay toward the garden-fence ; follow
that close until you reach the avenue, and by that time you
will be relieved of your company, or never !"
The tone of Barsfield's voice rose into fierce emphasis as he
uttered the last words, and the triumphant and bitter hope of
his malignant heart spoke out no less in the glare of his eyes
and the movement of his uplifted arm, than in the language
from his lips. He thus continued :
" Go now and complete your arrangements with the lady.
Come to me then, and tell me What is determined upon. Be
prompt, Blonay, and' stick to your words, and you shall be
properly rewarded."
The half-breed promised him freely enough, and left him
instantly to do as he was directed. The soul of the tory
spoke out more freely when he was alone.
" Ay, you shall be rewarded, but with a fate like his. I