Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLII: Scipio Set on Track >> Page 350

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Page 350

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 350 DMELI.ICII AMPE.

pose armed men to armed men, and then, God forget us if we
play it not out bravely."" But suppose, dear Ernest, that Scipio finds not the men,
or any of them."'" I can then defer the flight, Janet : but he will find them;
they are even now about us, and so bent to serve me is Wither-
spoon, that I make no doubt they would attempt to rescue me
from the clutches of the tory if I were even under strong
guard on my way to Charleston. They know my danger,
and will look to it. Witherspoon must be in the neighbor-
hood �I am sure of it, and�ha! hear you not, my love
even as I speak, hear you not that whistle ? far off, slight, but
yet distinct enough. Hear it now again, and again. You
will always hear it thrice distinctly, and, if you were nigh,
you could distinguish a slight quivering sound, with which
it diminishes and terminates. That's one of our signals of
encouragement, and to my mind it conveys, as distinctly as
any language, the words, ` Friends are nigh�friends are
nigh !" We have a song among us to that effect, written by
George Dennison, one of our partisans, a fine, high-spirited and
smart fellow, which I have hummed over to myself a hundred
times since I have been here, it promises so sweetly to one
in my condition :
" ` Friends are nigh ! despair not,
In the tyrant's chain
They may fly, but fear not,
They'll return again.
" ` Not more true the season
Brings the buds and flowers, Than, through blight and treason, Come these friends of ours.'" I believe the assurance. That song has strengthened me,
that single whistle note, and hear, Janet, hear how it comes
again, closer and closer, stronger and clearer. That Wither-
spoon is a daring fellow, and can not be far from the avenue.
No doubt he is even now gazing down from some tree upon
the unconscious sentinels. If so, I am safe. He has seen