Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLII: Scipio Set on Track >> Page 353

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Page 353

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription SCIPIO SET ON TRACK. 353
ain't fraid 'em. Well' speck I gone through dem sentry, I
catch the clean woods, and I can laugh out, wha' den ?"
Why, then, you must look out for Mr. Witherspoon.""Masser Wedderspoon, why you no call um .Turnbscrew,
like udder people ? Well, I hab look for um ; 'spose I no fin''em, wha' den ?".
You must look out, then, for some other of Marion's men ;
and this, Scipio, is the difficulty."
Wha' make him difficulty more dan tudder, I wonder ?"
responded the confident negro.
Because, Scipio, if the passwords get into the possession of
any of the British or tories if you happen to mistake and "" Gor-a'mighty,Miss Jennet, you only now for mak''quaint-
an' wid Scipio? You Link I fool�blind like ground-mole,
and rooting 'long in de ploughed ground widout looking wed-
der I guine straight or crooked? You 'spose I don't know
tory from gempleman? I hab sign and mark for know 'em,
jist de same as I know Mass Ernest brand on be cattle from
old maussa's."
Well, Scipio, I trust in your knowledge and your love for
me.""Da's a missis�da's a trute, missis, wha' I say �I 'speck
if ebberybody bin lub you like Scip and Mass Mellichampe,
you git more lub in dis life dan you can ebber carry wid you
to Heabben. He keep you down from Heabben � da's a
God's trute, missis so much lub as you git on dis girt'. But
dis is all noting but talk and cabbage. You mus' hab meat
and sarbice�I know dat. I guine�I ready whenebber you
tell me ; but s:pose, when I gone, old maussa call for me. He
will call for me, I know dat; he can't do widout me; and he
bery bex if you no talk to um and tell urn Scip gone upon
transactions and degagements, young missis."
Don't let that trouble you, Scip ; I will speak to my father
when you are going; but it is not time for you to go yet;
something more is to be done, and we must wait until night
before you can set forth."
Berry well ; whenebber you say de word, missis, Scip