Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLIII: Swamp Strategics >> Page 357

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Page 357

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription SWAMP STRATEGICS. 357
Here and there a whisper of inquiry assailed him as he passed
along ; and, half asleep and half awake, but still thoughtful of
one leading topic of most interest with him, one well-known
voice grumbled forth an inquiry after the provision-wagons,
and growled himself to sleep again as he received no reply.
A full half-hour, perhaps, had elapsed before the visiter came
forth from the presence of Marion to the spot of general en-
campment. Thence he proceeded to a tree that stood by
itself on the verge of the island, where he found a group of
three persons huddled up together, and still engaged in a
slumber which seemed silent enough with all, though scarcely
very deep or perfect with any. One of the three started up
as the person approached, and hastily demanded the name of
the intruder. The voice of the inquirer was that of Thumb-
screw, and his gigantic frame was soon uplifted as the respond-
ent announced himself as Humphries.
"Come with me, Witherspoon I want you," said the
" Wait a bit, till I pull up my suspenders, and find my frog-
sticker, which has somehow tumbled out of the belt," was the
A few moments sufficed to enable him to effect both objects,
and the two emerged from the shelter of the tree together.
Day was dawning as they gained the skirts of 68' island
where Humphries had fastened his horse, and where they
were, in great part, free from the observation of their comrades,
who were now starting up from their slumbers on every side.
When they had reached this point, Humphries, Without further
preliminary, unfolded his business to his companion.
"Thumby old fellow�I'm hunted, and need your help.""Hunted? how by whom ?""By a scoundrel that seeks my life � a fellow from Dor-
chester, named Blonay."" Blonay Blonay � I never heard that name before."" Goggle, then ; that's the nickname he goes by. You've
heard John Davis speak of him. I happened to ride over his
old mother the time of that brush at Dorchester, when Major