Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLIII: Swamp Strategics >> Page 358

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 358 IVIELLICHAMPE.
Singleton got Colonel Walton out of the cart, and he's been
hunting me ever since."
The d �1 ! But how could he find you out'? how could
he track you so ?""That's the wonder; but the fellow's got Indian blood in
him, and there's no telling where he can't go. He's as keen
upon trail as a bloodhound."
Have you seen him ? How do you know he's on trail ?"
I haven't seen him? but I know he's been after me for
some time." And Humphries then reminded the inquirer of
the pursuit of Blonay from the very skirts of the camp, when,
to save himself, the half-breed slew his own dog, which had
led to his detection, and so nearly to his capture.
"And why do you think that lie's still after you? Don't
you think the run that you give him then has pretty nigh
cured him of his hunt ?"
No, no ! The scoundrel will never give up the hunt till
he can see my blood, or I draw his. There's no help for it;
he will hunt me until I set seriously to hunt him."" And you have heard of him lately, Bill ?"
Ay ' heard of him' felt him ! Look here."
And as he spoke, lifting the cap from his head, he showed
his comrade the spot through which the passage of the bullet
was visible enough. Then, putting aside the hair from his
forehead, he placed the finger of Witherspoon upon the skull,
along which the ball had made its way. The skin was razed
and irritated into a whelk, such as a severe stroke of a whip
might occasion upon the skin. An eighth of an inch lower,
and the lead would have gone through the brain.
"By the etarnal scratch !" exclaimed Witherspoon, as be
felt and saw the singular effect which the shot had produced,
that, I may say, was a most ticklish sort of a trouble. It
was mighty close scraping, Bill ; and the fellow seems to have
been in good airnest when he pulled, though it's a God's
marcy he took you to have more head high up than o' one
side. Had he put it here now, to the right or to the left, I
don't care which, and not so immediately and ambitiously up
in the centre, he would have mollified your fixings in mighty