Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLIII: Swamp Strategics >> Page 361

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Page 361

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription SWAMP STRATEGICS. 361
" Lead him off, P i l l there, ever that soft track j i st a few
paces. That'll do."
The busy eye of Witherspoon soon caught the little ridges
left by the crack in the shoe, which had so well conducted the
pursuit of Blonay.
I guessed as much, Bill, and the murder's out, you've given
the fellow a sign, and lie's kept trail like a turkey. Look here,
and here, and here, a better mark would not be wanted by a
blind man, since his own finger could feel it, even if his eyes
couldn't see. There it is, and what more do you want ?"
Humphries was satisfied, no less than his companion. They
had indeed discovered the true guide of Blonay in his success-
ful pursuit, so far, of his destined victim. Nothing, indeed,
could be more distinct than the impression left upon the sand,
an impression not only remarkable as it was so unusual, but
remarkable as it occurred upon a small shoe, and seemed inten-
tionally made to divide it, the- fissure forming the ridge making
a line as clearly distinct upon the shoe, as that made by the
shoe itself in its entire outline upon the pliable sand.
WTell,".said Thumbscrew, after they had surveyed it for
several minutes, and what are you going to do now ?"" That's what I'm thinking of, Thumby, and it's no easy
matter yet to determine upon."" How ! why, what have you to do now but to pull off the
shoe, and throw the fellow from your haunches, which you
must do the moment you take him off his track."
No, no," coolly responded the other, that will be making
bad worse, Thumby, since to throw him off one track will be
only to make him hunt out for another, which we may not so
readily discover. A fellow that really hungers after your
blood, as this fellow does after mine, ain't so easily to be
thrown off as you think. To throw off this scent would be
only to gain a little time, and botch up the business that we
had better mend. The shoes must stay on, old fellow ; and,
as we've found out that they are guides which he follows,
why, what hinders that we should make use of them to trap
him ?"
How ?" said Witherspoon, curiously.