Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLVII: Cow-Chasing >> Page 392

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 392 MELLICHAMPE.
All very well, Scipio ; but what brought you here, old fel-
low ? . Don't you know you have no business in this quarter?"
Who tell you dat, Mass Booram ? He's a d �n fool of a
nigger hesself if he tell you so. Wha's de reason I say so ?
'kaise, you see, I /tab business in dis quarter. Let me ax you
few questions, Mass Booram, and talk like a gempleman, 'kaise
I can't 'spect white man when he lib 'poll gar-broff."" Go on, Scip," replied the soldier, complacently.
Fuss, den, you know I hab maussa, enty ?"" Yes, to be sure ; if you hadn't, Scip, I'd take you for my-
self; I like a good nigger mightily."'Spec you does, but da's nothing ; you hab for ax if good
nigger likes you. Maussa want to sell Scip, he gib um ticket
look he owner ; da's de business. But da's not wha' we hab
for talk 'bout. If I b'long to maussa, wha' he name ?"
Why, Mr. Berkeley, to be sure !""Da's a gospel. I b'longs to Dick Berkeley dis plantation
b'long to Dick Berkeley Dick Berkeley hab he cow, enty,
Mays Booram ?"" Yes, cow and calf in plenty, and enough of everything
beside. I only wish I had half as much, I would not carry
this d �d heavy musket."
Ha ! you leff off sodger ? You right, Mass Booram ; sodger
is bad business, nebber sodger is good gempleman. He hab
for cuss�he hab for drunk ; he hab for hu't udder people
wha's jist as good and much better dan heself. I terra you
what, Mass Booram, Scip wouldn't be sodger for de world and
all da's in it ; he radder be poor buckra any ting sooner
dan sodger. A sodger is a poor debbil, dat hab no ambition
for 'spectability : I radder be nigger-driber any day, dan cap-
pin, like Mass Barsfield."" You would, would you ? you d �d conceited crow in a
corn-field ! Why, Scipio, you're the most vainest flycatcher
in the country," said the other, good-naturedly. Scipio re-
ceived the speech as a compliment.
Tank you, Mass Booram. You's a gempleman, and can
comprehend. But wha' I was telling you ? ah ! Massa hab
cow. Wha' den ? Now I guine show you wha' bring me here.