Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLVII: Cow-Chasing >> Page 394

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Page 394

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 394 MELLICHAMPE.
Well, 'spose I pass one, da's noting. Plenty more, I speck,
scatter 'bout here in dese woods ; and, of he ain't tort'�wha'
den ? Some of dese Marion men jis' as bad. He make not'ing
of shoot poor nigga, if it's only to git he jacket. Cracky !
wha' dat now ? I hear someting. Cha ! 'tis de win' only.
He hab all kind of noise in dis wood for frighten people
sometime be go like a man groan wid a bullet-hole work in he
back. Nudder time he go like a pusson was laughing; but I
don't see noting here to make pusson laugh. Da's a noise now
I don't comprehend like de nocking ob old dry sticks to-
gedder ; 'spose its some bird da's flopping off de moschetus wid
his wings. It's a bad place in dis woods, and I wonder wha'
make dat Dick Wedderspoon lub 'em so. Whay him now,
'tis like a blind nigga that don't come when you want um. I
no bin look arter um now, I plump jist 'pon urn. I no hab
noting to ax urn, he sure for answer. I no hab noting to gib
um, he sure for put out he hand for something. He's a "
At that moment a heavy slap upon the cheek from a pon-
derous hand saluted the soliloquizing Scipio, and arrested his
complainings. The light flashed from the negro's eyes as he
turned at this rough salutation.
Cracky ! Who da dat � Mass Wedderspoon ?"
Ah, you rascal you know'd well enough. You only
talked out your impudent stuff for me to hear, Scipio, 'cause
you know'd I was close at hand."" I sway to G�d, Mass Wedderspoon, I nebber b'lieb you
been so close. I bin look for you."
Why, you numskull, you came a great deal out of your
way, for I was behind you all the time. You managed that
sentinel mighty well, Scip, I heard the whole of your palaver,
and really did believe at first that the cows were off, and you
were going after them."
And how come you no b'lieb now, Mass Wedderspoon !"
Because, you were no sooner out of his sight fairly, but
you began to go faster than before much faster than you
ever did go when you went out into the swamp after cattle."
Da's a trute. But you know, Mass Wedderspoon, wha' I
come out for you know who I looking arter !"