Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Mellichampe: A Legend of the Santee >> Chapter XLIX: Escape >> Page 409

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription ESCAPE. 409
THAT day was spent in arrangements. Barsfield chose his
men for the purposes of assassination ; but he did not surren-
der his secret. to their keeping. He was too wary for that.
They had their places assigned ; and all that he condescended
to unfold to them, by way of accounting for the special ap-
pointment and the earnest commands which he gave, may be
comprised in few words.
I suspect," said he, that there is some treason among us.
I suspect the scout�Blonay. I have reason to think he pur-
poses, either this night or the next, to betray the camp to
Marion, and to escape with the spy Mellichampe. You will,
therefore, preserve the utmost watchfulness upon the posts
which I assign you; and if you see anything to alarm you,
anything worthy of suspicion, act upon it decisively and with-
out pause. If you see the prisoner with the scout, spare nei-
ther�put them both to death. To seek to recapture the spy
might lose him, and such an event would be ruinous and
disgraceful. I trust to you, men � you will do your duty."
In the chamber of Mellichampe, whose fate thus hung upon
a thread, the interest, it may be supposed, was not less impor-
tant and exciting. Concealed in a shawl assumed for the
purpose, the maiden carried to her lover the much-desired
weapons which Scipio had received from Witherspoon. The
message of the trusty woodman was also delivered correctly,
and the intelligence strengthened the youth accordingly, and
half-reconciled Janet to the experiment which she so much
" This is well � this is excellent !" cried Mellichampe, grasp-