Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription ESCAPE. 413
ditch overgrown with weeds half full of water, lay as secretly
and still as ever did the adroit animal whose name had been
assigned him.
The hour was approaching. Barsfield had set his snare,
and was impatient.
" Go now, and bring him forth," he said to Blonay. The
time is close at hand."
The half-breed, obedient to his will, left him on the instant.
"'He is mine at last !" was the triumphant thought which
the tory muttered at that moment to himself. The toil
will soon be over, and I shall triumph now �I will bathe my
feet in his blood."
He went the rounds of the men whom he had stationed on
the watch for his victim. Some were immediately around the
house, though not known to Blonay. Barsfield anticipated the
possibility of the fugitive's taking another direction than that
which he had prescribed. For this possibility he bad pre-
pared. He was resolved that his plan should not fail through
want of due precautions. He saw that all were in readiness ;
and, not remote, he took a station for himself which would
enable him, as soon as the deed was done, to gratify himself
with the sight of his murdered victim.
Hist ! hem !" were the sounds that saluted Mellichampe
at the door of his chamber. The hour had come. In the
next instant the door was unlocked, and with a fearless heart,
having his pistols ready in his grasp, he met his guide at the
"Are you Mr. Blonay?" was his question, as the darkness
of the passage-way did not permit him to distinguish features.
The reply was affirmative.
I am ready," said the youth. Lead on."" Go not go not, dear Ernest !" cried Janet Berkeley, who
was also watchful : Go not, I pray you; it is not too late ;
return to your chamber, for I dread me of this trial. It will
be fatal ; you can not escape these assassins, and the night is
so bright and clear�"
Hush !" he whispered�" see you not ?" and he pointed to