Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 416 MELLICHAMPE.
sponded Mellichampe. This way, sir, as I bid you ; you go
with me in this direction, or you die."" But, cappin " said the other, hesitatingly.
No words I trust you not on !"
The muttered and decisive language was amply seconded
by the action of the speaker. One hand grasped the maimed
wrist of the half-breed, the other held in the same moment the
cocked pistol to his eyes. Wincing under the pain which the
sudden seizure of his injured hand by that of Mellichampe
had necessarily occasioned, the fierce savage, with the other,
grasped his knife, and half drew it from the sheath. But the
momentary anger seemed to pass away before he had fully
bared it. He thrust it back again, and calmly replied to his
irritable companion
You can trust me, cappin ; I'll go jist as you tells me, for
I promised the gal she's a good gal I promised her to do
the best, and I'll do jist as you says. Lead on where you
wants to go."" No, no, do you lead on, sir ; I will not trust you. To the
bay, but keep the trees, and do not show your person unneces-
sarily. On, sir, the moment you go aside, I shoot you down
like a dog."
The words were of fierce character, and uttered with singu-
lar emphasis, but still in a whisper. The half-breed by no
means relished the manner of Mellichampe, brit he muttered
to himself
" I promised her she's a good gal
And thus reminding himself of his pledges, he prepared to
go. forward.
Keep close to those water oaks," said Mellichampe to his
companion, and he himself sank into their shadow as he
spoke. At that moment another whistle, not that of Marion's
men, came from the path which they had left. It was answered
by another, a few paces distant, on the opposite hand. Melli-
champe thrust Blonay forward, and they both moved with in-
creased rapidity along the range of water-oaks, which at in-
tervals afforded them a tolerable shelter. Again the whistle
was repeated, and to the disquiet of the fugitives, it was in-.