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Page 418

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 418 MELLICHAMPE.
While he was yet falling, Mellichampe hurled the empty
pistol into his face, and drawing the second and last from
his bosom, cocked it instantly for immediate use, and hur-
ried on toward the bay, which yet lay at some little distance
beyond him. The rushing and the shouting of the tories, ,on
every hand, informed him of the close watch which had been
kept upon his movements. The voice of Barsfield was also
heard above the clamor, in furious exhortation
The spy has escaped with the half-breed ; shoot them
both down let neither escape but fail not to kill the spy ;
no quarter to him ! five guineas to the man who kills him !"
He is here !" cried one, dragging the still living but mor-
tally wounded Blonay from the bush where be had concealed
Ha ! where ?" was the demand of Barsfield, rushing to the
spot where he lay. Without looking he plunged his sword
into the body, and felt the last convulsion as the victim writh-
ed around the blade. But he spurned the carcass with his
foot the next moment, when he discovered that the scout,
and not Mellichampe, lay before him. With a fierce shout
he led and hurried the pursuit, impetuously dashing forward
with all the fury of one who, having been certain of his
victim, now begins to apprehend disappointment.
Death to the spy ! pursue ! Five guineas to him who kills
him ! No quarter to the spy !"
Such were his cries to his men as he himself pursued. They
reached the ears of Mellichampe they aroused him to a like
fury. Desperate and enraged, his temper became unrestrain-
able, and, though imprudent in the last degree, he shouted
back, even as he fled, his defiance to his foes. The whis-
tle of Witherspoon fortunately reached his ear in that mo-
ment, and guided him on his flight. His voice, meanwhile,
had disclosed the direction which he had taken to those
who were now clamorously pursuing him. But the pursuit
was arrested at the luckiest moment for the fugitive. The
tents were now blazing, and wild cries came from the cen-
tre of the encampment. Clayton rushed across the path of