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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 420 MELLICHAMPE.
random attack, simply for diversion, from a small squad. The
clamor was that of a large force, and the repeated and well-
known cry of the partisans followed the first volley of the
Marion's men true blues true blues ! Hurra ! no quar-
ter Tarleton's quarters ! One and all, Marion's men !"
One and all, men !" were the stern, shrill notes that fol-
lowed the cry.
It was .the sharp voice of Marion himself, and it was heard
distinctly over the field : the sound was fitly concluded by a
second volley and an increasing uproar.
He is there with all his force !" exclaimed Barsfield ; but
no matter. I can not turn now, and, at least, Mellichampe is
mine. He is here in this bay. They can not help him in
season, and he must perish. That done, I care not if Marion
conquers ; we can.but become his prisoners."
These were. the calculations of Barsfield, half uttered as he
pursued. Mellichampe was immediately before him. He had
heard his shout. The pursuers were now on the edge of the
bay which the youth had entered.
To the gum-trees, Dexter, and watch that point see that
he does not gain the avenue. Keep him from crossing. Put
in on the right, Beacham ; and you, Mason, go in on the left.
Spare him not,! Slay him like a dog! No quarter to the spy!"
These were his rapid orders to his men as they rushed into
the close but narrow thicket which was called the bay.
"But five minutes ! give me that," muttered Mellichampe
to himself, and I ask for no more. But where can Wither-
spoon be ?"
The next moment he heard the whistle of his friend in a
denser part of the bay, and he hurried with a new joy toward
" There are but three or four; and if we can but join first,
we may give them work," cried the youth, pressing forward.
But Witherspoon was now already engaged. His voice kept
pace in company with his sabre, the clashing of which Melli-
champe heard while approaching him. The woodman had